Function rooms for hire in OL postal area

Including Ashton-under-Lyne       Bacup       Heywood       Littleborough       Oldham       Rochdale       Todmorden      

Alexander Social Club, Ashton under Lyne

Angel Hotel, Ashton under Lyne

Ashton Masonic Club, Ashton under Lyne

Ashton under Lyne Cricket Bowling & Tennis Club, Ashton under Lyne

Ashton under Lyne Golf Club , Ashton under Lyne

Ashton under Lyne Rugby Club, Ashton under Lyne

Ashton United Football Club, Ashton under Lyne

Ashton-under-Lyne Cricket Club, Ashton under Lyne

Austerlands Cricket Club, Oldham

Bacup Cricket Club, Bacup

Bacup Golf Club, Bacup

Bacup New Conservative Club, Bacup

Balderstone Club, Rochdale

Bamford Bowling Club, Rochdale

Bamford Fieldhouse Cricket Club, Rochdale

Boarshurst (Silver) Band Club (Diggle FC), Oldham

Brickcroft Social Club, Rochdale

Castle Hawk Golf Club, Rochdale

Chadderton Reform Club, Oldham

Crompton & Royton Golf Club, Oldham

Crompton Central Working Mens Club, Oldham

Crompton Conservative Club, Oldham

Crompton Cricket Club, Oldham

Cronkeyshaw Social Club, Rochdale

Curzon Ashton Football Club, Ashton under Lyne

Firgrove Working Mens Club, Rochdale

Greenfield Conservative Club, Oldham

Greenfield Cricket Club, Oldham

Guidebridge Conservative Club, Ashton under Lyne

Healey Conservative Club, Rochdale

Heyside Cricket Club, Oldham

Heywood Bowling Club, Heywood

Heywood Cricket Club, Heywood

Heywood Reform Club, Heywood

Hollingworth Lake Rowing Club, Rochdale

Hollinwood Cricket Bowling & Football Club, Oldham

Hopwood Unionist Club, Heywood

Kirkholt Social Club, Rochdale

Lees and Hey Conservative Club, Oldham

Littleborough Cricket Club, Rochdale

Littleborough Sports (Rugby) Club, Rochdale

Littleborough Trades Hall, Rochdale

Lobden Golf Club, Rochdale

Lower Place Liberal Social Club, Rochdale

Mayfield Sports Centre, Rochdale

Milnrow Cricket Club, Rochdale

Milnrow Working Mens Club, Rochdale

Mossley Football Club (Seel Park), Ashton under Lyne

Mountain St Conservative Club, Ashton under Lyne

Newhey Lodge, Rochdale

Newtown Social (National) Club, Rochdale

Nimble Nook Sports & Social Club (ex WMC), Oldham

Norden Cricket Club, Rochdale

North Chadderton Conservative (Blue) Club, Oldham

North Chadderton Social & Bowling Club, Oldham

Oldham Cricket Club, Oldham

Oldham Rugby Union Club, Oldham

Pockets Leisure Centre, Todmorden

Polish Catholic Social Club, Oldham

Rochdale Bowling Club, Rochdale

Rochdale Catholic Club, Rochdale

Rochdale Catholic Club, Rochdale

Rochdale Cricket Lacross & Squash Club, Rochdale

Rochdale Football Club (Spotland Stadium), Rochdale

Rochdale Golf Club, Rochdale

Rochdale Hornets Rugby Club, Rochdale

Rochdale Masonic Hall (Ballroom), Rochdale

Rochdale Rugby Union Football Club, Rochdale

Rollercity Rochdale, Rochdale

Rosemount Working Mens Club, Bacup

Royton Brass Band & Musical Club, Oldham

Royton Conservative Club, Oldham

Royton Cricket Bowling Tennis and Running Club, Oldham

Sacred Heart Football Club, Rochdale

Saddleworth Cricket Club, Oldham

Saddleworth Golf Club, Oldham

Saddleworth Rangers Rugby Club, Oldham

Saddleworth Rangers Rugby Club, Oldham

Shaw Cricket Club, Oldham

Spotland Reform Club, Rochdale

Springbank Bowling Club, Oldham

Springhead Football Club, Oldham

Springhead Liberal Club, Oldham

St Annes Rugby Club, Oldham

Sudden Social Club, Rochdale

Tara Sports & Leisure Centre, Oldham

The Candlelight, Oldham

The Cartshaft Social Club, Oldham

The Limo Lounge, Oldham

Todmorden Cricket Club, Todmorden

Todmorden Golf Club, Todmorden

Todmorden Working Mens Social Club, Todmorden

Tunshill Golf Club, Rochdale

Ukrainian Association, Ashton under Lyne

Uppermill Conservative Club, Oldham

Uppermill Cricket Bowling & Tennis Club, Oldham

Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club, Todmorden

Waterhead Rugby Club, Oldham

Werneth Cricket Club, Oldham

Werneth Golf Club, Oldham

Westholme Mossley Freemasons Hall, Ashton under Lyne

Woolworth Sports & Social Club, Rochdale

Yorkshire Ward Conservative Club, Ashton under Lyne

Bellavista, Rochdale

Berni Inn, Rochdale

Blue Tiffin, Oldham

Browns #1, Heywood

Crimble Hall, Rochdale

Fusion Restaurant, Oldham

Grains Bar (Farm) Hotel, Oldham

Istanblue, Oldham

Milan Bar & Restaurant, Oldham

Nutters Restaurant, Rochdale

San Rocco Restaurant, Ashton under Lyne

The Ace, Oldham

The Ash Tree, Ashton-under-Lyne

The Ashton Arms, Oldham

The Bacup Hub, Bacup

The Baum, Rochdale

The Bay Horse, Rochdale

The Beach, Rochdale

The Beau Geste, Ashton under Lyne

The Bees Knees, Oldham

The Billy Goat, Ashton under Lyne

The Birches, Rochdale

The Bird In Hand (Bottom Bird), Newhey

The Bird In The Hand, Newhey

The Black Diamond, Oldham

The Black Dog Inn, Rochdale

The Black Horse Inn, Oldham

The Black Swan, Heywood

The Blue Bell, Shaw

The Blue Belle, Royton

The Bobbin, Milnrow

The Boltmakers Rest, Oldham

The Bowling Green, Oldham

The Bridge Inn, Rochdale

The Bridgewater, Oldham

The British Queen, Bacup

The Brown Cow, Rochdale

The Brown Cow, Heywood

The Buck and Union (ex Hogshead), Oldham

The Bulls Head, Royton

The Bulls Head, Newhey

The Bulls Head, Oldham

The Butchers Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Carrion Crow, Oldham

The Carters Arms, Royton

The Cask & Feather, Rochdale

The Cedar Tree at the Sheaf, Rochdale

The Church Inn, Oldham

The Clayton Green, Oldham

The Clough Manor, Oldham

The Coach & Horses, Shaw

The Coach & Horses, Oldham

The Cock & Magpie, Rochdale

The Colliers Arms, Oldham

The Commercial, Oldham

The Commercial Inn, Oldham

The Corporation Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Corporation Inn, Rochdale

The Cross Keys, Todmorden

The Cross Keys Inn & Barn, Oldham

The Crown & Shuttle, Milnrow

The Crown Inn, Oldham

The Dog & Pheasant, Ashton under Lyne

The Donkey, Rochdale

The Duke Of Edinburgh, Royton

The Duke Of Wellington, Heywood

The Duke Of York, Todmorden

The Duke Of York @ Royton, Royton

The Dyers Arms, Rochdale

The Dysarts Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Eagle, Rochdale

The Edwin Waugh, Heywood

The Elephant & Castle, Rochdale

The Engine Room, Ashton under Lyne

The Engineers Arms, Heywood

The Farrars Arms, Oldham

The Flower Of The Valley, Rochdale

The Flying Horse Hotel, Rochdale

The Friendship Inn, Oldham

The Gallows, Rochdale

The Gardeners Arms, Heywood

The Gate Inn, Oldham

The George & Dragon, Bacup

The Granby Arms, Oldham

The Grants Arms, Heywood

The Grapes, Oldham

The Grapes Inn, Heywood

The Greengate (Hotel), Rochdale

The Haggate, Oldham

The Halfway House, Royton

The Halfway House, Ashton under Lyne

The Halfway House, Rochdale

The Hare & Hounds, Rochdale

The Hare & Hounds, Todmorden

The Hare & Hounds, Oldham

The Hare and Hounds, Oldham

The Hark To Topper, Oldham

The Hark To Towler, Heywood

The Harrows, Rochdale

The Hathershaw Hotel (The Hathy), Oldham

The Heroes Of Waterloo, Ashton under Lyne

The Heywood, Heywood

The High Sheriff, Rochdale

The Highfield Inn, Oldham

The Honeywell Arms, Oldham

The Hornet, Rochdale

The Horse & Farrier, Rochdale

The Horse & Jockey, Rochdale

The Horse & Jockey, Heywood

The Horseshoe Inn, Oldham

The Horton Arms, Oldham

The Hunt Lane Tavern, Oldham

The John Milne, Milnrow

The Junction Inn, Oldham

The King William IV, Rochdale

The Kingfisher, Oldham

The Kings, Heywood

The Last Orders Inn, Oldham

The Last Orders Inn @ Yorkshire Street, Oldham

The Lowerhouse Inn, Oldham

The Minders Arms, Oldham

The Miners Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Moon Spinners, Milnrow

The Morning Star, Oldham

The Nelson Hotel, Rochdale

The New Bridge, Ashton under Lyne

The Newhey Lodge, Newhey

The Northgate, Oldham

The Old Bank, Oldham

The Old Bill, Oldham

The Old Bulls Head, Shaw

The Old Original, Oldham

The Old Queen Anne, Heywood

The Ordnance Arms, Oldham

The Owd Betts, Rochdale

The Owd Tatts, Oldham

The Ox & Plough, Rochdale

The Oxford, Rochdale

The Oxford, Ashton under Lyne

The Pig & Whistle, Heywood

The Pleasant Inn, Oldham

The Polished Knob, Todmorden

The Prince Of Orange, Ashton under Lyne

The Printers Arms, Oldham

The Queens (Hotel), Rochdale

The Railway INn, Oldham

The Rams Head, Oldham

The Ratcliffe Arms, Rochdale

The Red Lion, Rochdale

The Red Lion, Rochdale

The Red Lion, Oldham

The Regal Moon, Rochdale

The Riflemans Arms, Rochdale

The Ring O Bells, Ashton under Lyne

The Rising Sun, Ashton under Lyne

The Roebuck Hotel, Rochdale

The Rose Of Lancaster, Oldham

The Royal George, Oldham

The Royal George, Todmorden

The Royal Oak, Oldham

The Royal Oak, Ashton under Lyne

The Royal Oak Inn, Oldham

The Royds Arms, Rochdale

The Sandbrook, Rochdale

The Shay Wake, Oldham

The Sheldon Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Shepherds Boy, Oldham

The Sir Winston Churchill, Rochdale

The Slip Inn, Rochdale

The Spinners Arms, Oldham

The Sportsman, Oldham

The Springbank Hotel, Oldham

The Starkey Arms, Heywood

The Station, Ashton under Lyne

The Streetbridge Inn, Oldham

The Success to The Plough (Plough Inn), Rochdale

The Summit, Heywood

The Summit Inn, Oldham

The Swan, Oldham

The Swan Inn, Oldham

The Sycamore Inn, Ashton under Lyne

The Talbot Head, Rochdale

The Temple, Oldham

The Three Arrows Inn, Heywood

The Three Crowns, Oldham

The Three Terriers, Heywood

The Time Zone, Ashton under Lyne

The Tollemache Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Tommyfield, Oldham

The Top House, Oldham

The Trafalgar Inn, Ashton under Lyne

The Turf Tavern, Rochdale

The Turks Head, Royton

The Up Steps Inn, Oldham

The Waggon & Horses, Oldham

The Waggon & Horses @ Cornholme, Todmorden

The Waggon & Horses @ Todmorden, Todmorden

The Warrington Arms, Ashton under Lyne

The Waterhouse, Ashton under Lyne

The Weavers Answer, Shaw

The Weavers Arms, Oldham

The Weavers Arms, Todmorden

The Weir Hotel, Bacup

The Welcome Inn, Oldham

The Wellington, Oldham

The Wheatsheaf, Rochdale

The Wheatsheaf, Oldham

The White Hart, Oldham

The White Hart, Todmorden

The White Hart, Royton

The White Hart, Heywood

The White Horse, Ashton under Lyne

The White House, Rochdale

The White House Inn, Oldham

The White Lion, Rochdale

The White Lion, Heywood

The White Lion, Rochdale

The Whitworth Workers, Rochdale

The Wishing Well, Heywood

The Witchwood, Ashton under Lyne

Vibes, Oldham

White Hart Inn, Oldham

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