Function rooms for hire in SG postal area

Including Arlesey       Baldock       Biggleswade       Buntingford       Henlow       Hertford       Hitchin       Knebworth       Letchworth       Much Hadham       Royston       Sandy       Shefford       Stevenage       Ware      

Airbus Defence and Space Sports and Social Club, Stevenage

Allenburys Sports & Social Club, Ware

Arlesey Town Football Club, Arlesey

Barkway Park Golf Club, Royston

Barnwell Leisure Centre, Stevenage

Bassingbourn Snowsports Centre, Royston

Bassingbourn Sports Centre, Royston

Biggleswade and District Conservative Club, Biggleswade

Biggleswade Rugby Club, Biggleswade

Biggleswade Town FC, Biggleswade

Biggleswade United Football Club, Biggleswade

Blueharts Hockey Club, Hitchin

Brickendon Grange Golf Club, Hertford

Chesfield Downs Golf & Country Club, Hitchin

Clifton Cricket Club, Shefford

Eternit Sports & Social Club, Royston

Gamlingay Social Club, Sandy

Great Hadham Golf Club, Ware

Henlow Park Sports Pavilion, Biggleswade

Hertford Hockey Club, Hertford

Heydon Grange , Royston

Heydon Grange Golf & Country Club, Royston

Hitchin Cricket Club, Hitchin

Hitchin Football Club, Hitchin

Hitchin Rugby Club, Hitchin

Ickleford Sports & Recreation Club, Hitchin

John OGaunt Golf Club, Sandy

Knebworth Golf Club, Knebworth

Knights Templar Sports Centre, Baldock

Langford Football Club, Biggleswade

Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living @ Rosehill Hospital, Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Conservative Club, Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Corner Sports Club (LCSC), Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Eagles Youth Football Club, Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Golf Club, Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Hockey Club (Corner Sports Club), Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Rugby Club, Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Sports & Tennis Club, Letchworth Garden City

Mount Pleasant Golf Club, Biggleswade

North Herts Irish Centre, Letchworth Garden City

North Herts Leisure Centre, Letchworth Garden City

Odyssey Health & Racquets Club, Stevenage

Odyssey Health Club, Stevenage

Paynes Park Social Club, Hitchin

Pirton Sports and Social Club, Hitchin

Pockets Snooker Club, Ware

Potton United Football Club (The Hollow), Sandy

Royal British Legion Knebworth, Knebworth

Royal British Legion Royston, Royston

Royal British Legion Ware, Ware

Royston Conservative Club, Royston

Royston Golf Club, Royston

Royston Heath Sports Centre, Royston

Royston Leisure Centre, Royston

Royston Town Football Club, Royston

Sandy & District Conservative Club, Sandy

Sandy Sports Centre, Sandy

Shefford Sports Club, Shefford

Shefford Town & Compton Football Club, Shefford

Shephall Leisure Centre, Stevenage

St Margaretsbury Cricket Club, Ware

St Margaretsbury Football Club, Ware

Stanstead Abbotts Village Club, Ware

Stevenage Club & Institute, Stevenage

Stevenage Cricket Club, Stevenage

Stevenage Football Club (Broadhall Suite), Stevenage

Stevenage Golf & Conference Centre, Stevenage

Stevenage Leisure Centre, Stevenage

Stevenage Town Rugby Club, Stevenage

Stotfold Conservative Club, Hitchin

Stotfold Liberal Club, Hitchin

Stotfold Social Club, Hitchin

The Bury (Buntingford Town FC), Buntingford

The Hertford Club, Hertford

The Roundabout Club (ex Town Hall), Sandy

The Times Club, Stevenage

United Service & WM Club, Sandy

Walkern Sports & Community Centre (Jubilee Pavilion), Stevenage

Ware Bowling Club, Ware

Ware Football Club, Ware

Wodson Park Sports & Leisure Centre, Ware

Woodson Park Leisure Center, Ware

Bar 33, Hertford

Baroosh, Hertford

Bella Vita, Hitchin

Cinnabar Cafe, Stevenage

Flava Bar, Stevenage

Georges Hall, Biggleswade

Gladleys Courtyard Brasserie, Stevenage

Raj Villa, Ware

The Admiral, Shefford

The Albion, Ware

The Almond Tree, Stevenage

The Anchor, Hitchin

The Anchor, Ware

The Angel, Ware

The Angel Vaults Inn, Hitchin

The Angels, Hitchin

The Axe & Compasses, Ware

The Bakers Arms, Hertford

The Beehive, Hertford

The Beehive, Buntingford

The Bell, Sandy

The Bell, Ware

The Bell, Stevenage

The Bell Motel, Hitchin

The Bird In Hand, Biggleswade

The Bird In Hand, Hitchin

The Black Bull, Buntingford

The Black Horse, Royston

The Black Horse, Shefford

The Black Horse, Hertford

The Blackbirds, Hertford

The Blind Fiddler (ex Chequers), Buntingford

The Boot, Ware

The Boot, Baldock

The Boot Inn, Hitchin

The Brewery Tap, Ware

The Bricklayers Arms, Sandy

The Bricklayers Arms, Hitchin

The Brickyard, Hitchin

The Bridge, Shefford

The British Queen, Royston

The Brown Bear, Ware

The Bucks Head, Hitchin

The Bull, Hitchin

The Bull, Buntingford

The Bull, Hertford

The Bull Inn, Ware

The Bushel and Strike, Baldock

The Catherine Wheel, Ware

The Chequers, Stevenage

The Chequers, Sandy

The Chequers @ Fowlmere, Royston

The Chequers @ Little Gransden, Sandy

The Chequers @ Orwell, Royston

The Coach & Horses, Hitchin

The Coach & Horses, Stevenage

The Coach & Horses, Royston

The Coach & Horses, Hertford

The Coach House, Sandy

The Cock, Hitchin

The Cock, Baldock

The College Arms, Hertford

The Coopers Arms, Hitchin

The Coopers Inn, Stevenage

The Coreys Mill, Stevenage

The Cornerstone, Shefford

The Cowper Arms, Hertford

The Crooket Billet, Stevenage

The Crown, Biggleswade

The Crown, Ware

The Crown, Hertford

The Crown, Royston

The Crown, Biggleswade

The Crown, Hitchin

The Crown, Stevenage

The Crown & Cushion, Sandy

The Crown & Falcon, Ware

The Crown @ Shillington, Hitchin

The Crown Hotel, Biggleswade

The Dog and Whistle, Hertford

The Dolphin, Royston

The Drapers Arms, Stevenage

The Dun Cow, Stevenage

The Duncombe Arms, Sandy

The Duncombe Arms, Hertford

The Edward VII, Royston

The Emperors Head, Stevenage

The Engine, Baldock

The Engineers Arms, Biggleswade

The Farmers Boy, Hertford

The Feathers Inn, Ware

The Fisherman, Stevenage

The Five Bells, Biggleswade

The Five Horseshoes, Hertford

The Four Emblems, Letchworth Garden City

The Fox, Buntingford

The Fox, Hitchin

The Fox, Letchworth Garden City

The Fox & Duck, Buntingford

The Fox & Duck, Hitchin

The Fox & Hounds, Ware

The Fox And Duck, Royston

The Galley Hall, Hertford

The Galley Hall, Hertford

The Gardeners Arms, Biggleswade

The George, Baldock

The George, Hitchin

The George & Dragon, Hitchin

The George & Dragon, Hertford

The George & Dragon, Sandy

The George IV, Baldock

The George IV, Ware

The Globe, Hitchin

The Goat, Hertford

The Golden Fleece, Ware

The Golden Griffin, Hertford

The Golden Lion, Shefford

The Golden Pheasant, Biggleswade

The Granby, Stevenage

The Grandison, Hertford

The Green Man, Hitchin

The Green Man, Biggleswade

The Greyhound, Hertford

The Half Moon, Hitchin

The Hare & Hounds, Biggleswade

The Hen & Chickens, Baldock

The Hermit Of Redcoats, Hitchin

The Hermitage Rd, Hitchin

The High Oak, Ware

The Highlander, Hitchin

The Hoops, Royston

The Horns, Knebworth

The Jolly Fisherman, Ware

The Jolly Postie, Royston

The Jolly Sailors, Buntingford

The Jolly Waggoner, Stevenage

The King William IV, Royston

The Kings Arms, Sandy

The Limes, Biggleswade

The Live and Let Live, Hitchin

The Lord Haig, Hertford

The Lordship Arms, Stevenage

The Lytton Arms, Knebworth

The Manor House, Royston

The March Hare, Biggleswade

The Marquis of Lorne, Stevenage

The Millstream, Hitchin

The Millstream, Hertford

The Moon & Stars, Buntingford

The Motte & Bailey, Hitchin

The Mulberry Tree, Stevenage

The Musgrave Arms, Hitchin

The Nags Head, Ware

The Oak, Ware

The Old Bull Inn, Royston

The Old Bulls Head, Ware

The Old George, Hitchin

The Old Oak, Arlesey

The Old Post Office, Stevenage

The Old Red Lion, Stevenage

The Old Transporter Ale House, Biggleswade

The Old White Horse, Baldock

The Orange Tree, Hitchin

The Orange Tree, Baldock

The Orchard, Hitchin

The Our Mutual Friend, Stevenage

The Pear Tree, Stevenage

The Pembroke Arms, Biggleswade

The Pheasant, Royston

The Pied Piper, Stevenage

The Pig & Abbot, Royston

The Pig & Whistle, Stevenage

The Plough, Knebworth

The Plough, Biggleswade

The Plough, Royston

The Plume Of Feathers, Hitchin

The Plume Of Feathers, Hitchin

The Poacher, Stevenage

The Prince of Wales, Ware

The Punch House, Ware

The Queens Head, Sandy

The Quiet Man, Hertford

The Radcliffe Arms, Hitchin

The Raven, Hitchin

The Red Cow, Royston

The Red Lion, Stevenage

The Red Lion, Knebworth

The Red Lion, Hitchin

The Red Lion, Biggleswade

The Red Lion, Hitchin

The Red Lion, Hitchin

The Red Lion @ Preston, Hitchin

The Rifle Volunteer, Ware

The Rising Sun, Hitchin

The Rising Sun, Sandy

The Roaring Meg, Stevenage

The Robin Hood & Little John (ex Old Magpie), Ware

The Roebuck Inn, Stevenage

The Rose, Biggleswade

The Rose & Crown, Hitchin

The Rose & Crown, Baldock

The Rose & Crown, Ware

The Rose and Crown, Stevenage

The Royal Oak, Stevenage

The Royal Oak, Ware

The Royal Oak, Sandy

The Saracens Head, Hertford

The Saracens Head, Ware

The Silver Fox, Hertford

The Sir William Peel, Sandy

The Six Templars, Hertford

The Snug, Ware

The Snug, Hitchin

The Spread Eagle, Ware

The Squirrel, Stevenage

The St Nicholas, Stevenage

The Stag, Hitchin

The Standard Bearer, Stevenage

The Standing Order, Stevenage

The Star, Ware

The Station, Knebworth

The Strathmore Arms, Hitchin

The Swan House, Royston

The Thornton Arms, Sandy

The Three Horseshoes, Letchworth Garden City

The Three Horseshoes, Hertford

The Three Horseshoes, Baldock

The Three Magnets, Letchworth

The Three Moorhens, Hitchin

The Three Tuns, Buntingford

The Tilbury, Knebworth

The Townshend Arms, Hertford

The True Briton, Arlesey

The Two Brewers, Hertford

The Two Chimneys, Letchworth Garden City

The Victoria, Hitchin

The Victoria, Baldock

The Victoria, Ware

The Vincent Motorcycle (pub), Stevenage

The Waggon & Horses, Hitchin

The Waggon & Horses, Royston

The Waggon & Horses (Choppys Restauraunt), Ware

The Wheatsheaf, Biggleswade

The Wheatsheaf, Sandy

The Wheatsheaf @ Gamlingay, Sandy

The Whistle & Flute, Biggleswade

The White Hart, Baldock

The White Hart, Shefford

The White Hart, Hertford

The White Hart, Biggleswade

The White Hart, Ware

The White Horse, Arlesey

The White Horse, Hertford

The White Horse, Ware

The White Horse @ Southill, Biggleswade

The White Lion, Hertford

The White Lion, Stevenage

The White Lion, Baldock

The Wilbury Stonehouse, Letchworth Garden City

The Woodman, Ware

The Woolpack, Hertford

The Wrestlers, Biggleswade

The Yew Tree, Stevenage

The Yorkshire Grey, Biggleswade

Three Lakes Restaurant, Ware

Waggers, Ware

Zeus Hotel, Baldock

1st Royston Scout HQ, Royston

3rd Ware Scout Hall, Ware

Abington Pigotts Village Hall, Royston

AFC Shillington, Hitchin

Albury Village Hall, Ware

All Saints Church, Knebworth

All Saints Church Hall, Royston

All Saints Community Hall, Royston

Anstey Village Hall, Buntingford

Arlesey Community Centre, Arlesey

Arlesey Scout Hut, Arlesey

Arlesey Village Hall, Arlesey

Arlesey WI Hall, Arlesey

Arrington Village Hall, Royston

Ashwell Youth & Community Centre (Village Hall), Baldock

Aston Village Hall, Stevenage

Baldock Community Centre, Baldock

Barkway Village Hall, Royston

Barley Town House, Royston

Bedwell Community Centre, Stevenage

Biggleswade Recreation Centre, Biggleswade

Braughing Community Centre, Ware

Breachwood Green Village Hall, Hitchin

Brickendon Liberty Parish Hall (Fanshaws Room), Hertford

Broadhall Community Centre, Stevenage

Broom Village Hall, Biggleswade

Buntingford Scout Hut, Buntingford

Campton Village Hall, Shefford

Chells Manor Community Centre, Stevenage

Chells Park Pavilion, Stevenage

Church Warsop Community Centre, Hitchin

Clifton Community Centre, Shefford

Codicote Peace Memorial Hall, Hitchin

Codicote Sports & Social Centre, Hitchin

Coombes Community Centre, Royston

Cottered Village Hall, Buntingford

Datchworth Village Hall, Knebworth

Fairfield Community Hall, Hitchin

Fowlmere Rec & Village Hall, Royston

Gamlingay Eco Hub Community Centre, Sandy

Gamlingay WI Hall, Sandy

Gordon Craig Theatre (Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre), Stevenage

Grange Community Centre, Letchworth Garden City

Graveley Village Hall, Hitchin

Great Ashby Community Centre, Stevenage

Great Chishill Village Hall, Royston

Great Wymondley Village Hall, Hitchin

Guilden Morden Village Hall, Royston

Hampson Park Community Centre, Stevenage

Hampson Park Community Centre, Stevenage

Hatley Village Hall, Sandy

Henlow Parish Hall, Biggleswade

Hertford Corn Exchange, Hertford

Hertford Heath Village Hall, Hertford

Hertford Methodist Church, Hertford

Hertford Road Community Centre (Bragbury Centre), Stevenage

High Cross Village Hall, Ware

Hitchin Baptist Church Hall, Hitchin

Hitchin Town Hall, Hitchin

Holwell (John Rand) Village Hall, Hitchin

Hormead Village Hall, Buntingford

Hornsmill Community Centre, Hertford

Howard Hall (Mrs Howard Memorial), Letchworth Garden City

Ickleford Village Hall, Hitchin

Ickneild Centre, Letchworth Garden City

Jackmans Community Centre, Letchworth Garden City

John Clements Sports & Community Centre, Hitchin

Kimpton Memorial Hall, Hitchin

Knebworth Village Hall, Knebworth

Langford Village Hall, Biggleswade

Leaside Church Hall, Ware

Letchworth Parish Hall, Letchworth Garden City

Litlington Recreation Centre, Royston

Litlington Village Hall, Royston

Little Gransden Village Hall, Sandy

Little Hadham Village Hall, Ware

Little Hadham Village Hall, Ware

Market Hill Rooms, Royston

Melbourn Community Hub, Royston

Melbourn United Reformed Church, Royston

Meldreth Village Hall, Royston

Meppershall Village Hall, Shefford

Much Hadham Village Hall, Ware

Newgate Street Village Hall, Hertford

Norton Parish Centre, Letchworth Garden City

Old Town Methodist Church Hall, Stevenage

Old Warden Village Hall, Biggleswade

Oval Community Centre, Stevenage

Pinehurst Community Centre, Hertford

Pirton Village Hall, Hitchin

Poplars Community Centre, Stevenage

Potton Community Centre, Sandy

Potton Scout Hall, Sandy

Preston Village Hall, Hitchin

Royston Methodist Church Hall, Royston

Royston Town Hall, Royston

Sandon Village Hall, Buntingford

Sandy Baptist Church Hall, Sandy

Sandy Village Hall, Sandy

Sele Farm Community Centre, Hertford

Seth Ward Community Centre, Buntingford

Shefford Community Hall, Shefford

Shefford Methodist Church Hall, Shefford

Shefford Town Memorial Hall, Shefford

Shephall Centre, Stevenage

Shepreth Village Hall, Royston

Shillington Village Hall, Hitchin

Southill Parish Hall, Biggleswade

Springfield House Community Centre, Stevenage

St Andrews Church Hall, Biggleswade

St Hughs Church Hall (Fortescue Hall), Letchworth Garden City

St Ippolyts Parish Hall, Hitchin

St Johns Community Centre, Hitchin

St Johns Hall @ All Saints Church, Hertford

St Martins Church Hall, Knebworth

St Martins Parish Centre, Knebworth

St Mary the Virgin Church Hall, Baldock

St Marys Catholic Church Hall, Royston

St Marys Church (Brace Room), Hertford

St Marys Church Hall, Sandy

St Michaels Mount Community Centre, Hitchin

St Nicholas Community Centre, Stevenage

St Pauls Church Hall, Letchworth Garden City

St Pauls Upper Hall, Letchworth Garden City

St Peters Community Hall, Stevenage

St Swithuns Church Rooms, Sandy

St Thomas Church Hall, Letchworth Garden City

Standon & Puckeridge Community Centre, Ware

Stanstead Abbotts Parish Hall, Ware

Steeple Morden Village Hall, Royston

Stotfold Memorial Hall, Hitchin

Stotfold Methodist Church Hall, Hitchin

Stotfold Scout Hut, Hitchin

Stuart Memorial Hall, Sandy

Sutton Village Hall, Sandy

Symonds Green Community Centre, Stevenage

Tempsford Stuart Memorial Village Hall, Sandy

The Hyde Out Community Centre, Stevenage

The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph, Hertford

The Settlement, Letchworth Garden City

Therfield Fordham Memorial Hall, Royston

Thriplow Village Hall, Royston

Thundridge Village Hall, Ware

Timebridge Community Centre & Social Club, Stevenage

Tonwell Village Hall, Ware

Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Biggleswade

Walsworth Community Centre, Hitchin

Walsworth Road Baptist Church, Hitchin

Ware Drill Hall, Ware

Wareside Village Hall, Ware

Waterford Village Hall, Hertford

Watton at Stone War Memorial Hall, Hertford

Westmill Community Centre, Hitchin

Weston Village Hall, Hitchin

Whaddon Village Hall, Royston

Whitwell Village Hall, Hitchin

Widford Village Hall, Ware

Wilbury Hall, Letchworth Garden City

Wimpole Village Hall, Royston

Woodside Hall, Hitchin

Woolmer Green Village Hall, Knebworth

Wrestlingworth Memorial Hall, Sandy

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